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Colour Match Rules and Details

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Aim: The aim of this game is to score points by creating a match of 3, 4, or 5 blocks of the same colour either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, when a pattern is achieved the blocks forming the pattern will disappear. You will score 1 point for each block that disappears.

How to play: Each falling column will contain three blocks that you can move to the left or right by using the arrow keys. Use the down key to make the column fall faster and the the up key to change the arrangement of the blocks in the column.

Look out for the special black by column, when it lands on a block, that block and every other of the same colour will disappear giving you extra points. The small window on the top right shows the next column. Use the space bar as another way to pause or play.
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Background: This game is strongly influenced by the game Columns created by Sega 1989. I have added a few new features for my version.

Technical info: I used the HTML5 canvas element to create the graphics for the game. For the sound I used the JavaScript audio object.

The animation and programming was all done with JavaScript.

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