Shooter Rules and Details

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Aim: The Aim of this game is to shoot all the circles and the enemy shooter whilst avoiding collisions or being shot.

How to play: You can control the triangular player using the arrow keys. The left arrow key will rotate the player in an anti-clockwise direction and the right arrow key in a clockwise direction. Use the up arrow key to move forwards and the down key to reverse. Use the space bar as another way to pause or play the game.

100 points are deducted if you get shot or hit and your health will also reduce, if your health runs out then you will lose the game. Bonus points are available for shot accuracy.
More Details
Background: This game is a variation of old arcade games such as Asteroids.

Technical info: I used the HTML5 canvas element to create the graphics for the game. For the sound I used the JavaScript audio object.

The animation and programming was all done with JavaScript.

The explosion effects were done using sprites.

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